Science and Spirit Magazine References

This online magazine is no longer published.

"Deep Reality Book" Website is now online for Deep Reality Book, which covers Spirited Science and Source Science topics.
This book will soon be released on Amazon.

Science and Spirit Magazine Issue 3 Link: Awaken the Superpowers in you

*Issue 3 2015: "Awaken the Superpowers in you" (Click here for PDF of paper)
Article written by Dr. Doug Matzke published to the Science and Spirit magazine (magazine is no longer published)

Dallas IONS talk: Discovering Your Psychic Superpowers

*Nov 2, 2014: DFW IONS Monthly Meeting: "Discovering Your Psychic Superpowers" (powerpoint and pdf of slides)
Watch here Audio/Video for this talk presented at DFW IONS (see FaceBook Details or see Meetup Details)

Talk from Austin Law Of Attraction Meetup Group

*Apr 12, 2011 in Austin, TX: "Thoughts are Quantum Things" (outline as pdf and 75 mins mp3 file of Lecture)
Talk presented at the Austin Law of Attraction Meetup

Talks for Science of Spiritual Beings of Light Lecture Series

*Oct 24, 2011: "Introduction to Science of Spiritual Beings of Light" (powerpoint and pdf of slides)

*Oct 31, 2011: "Science of the Law of Attraction" (powerpoint and pdf of slides)

*Nov 7, 2011: "Science of Thoughts, Beliefs, emotions and Subtle Energy" (powerpoint and pdf of slides)

*Nov 14, 2011: "Science of Living as Spiritual Beings of Light, now and in the future" (powerpoint and pdf of slides)
Slides presented at Science of Spiritual Beings of Light Lectures, Unity Church of Dallas, TX

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