Subtle Energies on the World Wide Web

From Bridges Vol. 6, No. 4, Winter 1995 - Healing With Body, Mind, & Spirit.

by Douglas J. Matzke, M.S.E.E. & Jeffrey S. Levin, Ph.D., M.P.H.

The World Wide Web (WWW) is a great place to find information about subtle energies. This article is a practical introductory guide to accessing information on subtle energies resources on the WWW.

About the World Wide Web.

The internet was developed and supported by the government to allow exchange of scientific and technical information by university and research organizations. The earliest internet services included e-mail, file transfer protocol (FTP), remote log in (telnet), news groups (usenet), and a variety of other text-only information services. Access to these services was via textual command-line entry. The dramatic recent changes to the internet came because graphical user interface (GUI) web browsers (such as Netscape), supported by new hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) services and servers, have allowed simple access to web information by just pointing to the links with a mouse. The old flat text can now contain pictures and pointers to other information by using a hypertext markup language (HTML). Other sites can be uniformly accessed using standardized universal resource locators (URLs), which also allow seamless access to old FTP and usenet services.

What this means for internet users is that anyone can easily access information on the web. Additionally, web economics have made it attractive to create a new low-cost means of personal publishing that is accessible worldwide, 24 hours a day. As a result, there are now tens of millions of WWW users and millions of web sites, all of which publish information for all the world to see. This distributed electronic library has a wealth of information, including product information, and many groups and organizations have set up index services to help people search for and find what they need. The best way to locate something on the WWW is to understand how to use the variety of search engines available on the web. Many introductory books have been written that describe the web in great detail and discuss how to access and use these index servers.

ISSSEEM on the World Wide Web.

Recently, ISSSEEM went online on the WWW with information about the organization, membership, services, and publications. This information can be accessed via your web browser by entering the URL to access the ISSSEEM Home Page. This page contains hypertext links to the following categories of information: About ISSSEEM, Board of Directors, Membership, State and Local Affiliates, Glossary/Definitions, Subtle Energies, Bridges, Annual Conferences, and Information About Related Topics. The Subtle Energies and Bridges pages include information for contributors and tables of contents of all past issues. The Annual Conferences page includes information about all past ISSSEEM conferences, as well as information about the upcoming 1996 Conference. The Glossary/Definitions and Information About Related Topics pages are currently under construction, and will be expanded considerably in the near future. The ISSSEEM web site is updated on an ongoing basis, and provides 24-hours-a-day access to ISSSEEM. Recommendations or corrections for the ISSSEEM web site should be sent to the ISSSEEM office ( or to Dr. Jeff Levin . The ISSSEEM web site was hosted by The Seraph Group until 1998. Seraph (Subtle Energy Research and Physical Health) is a group Texas professional whose stated focus is research and education on subtle energy and personal growth.

Other Subtle Energy Resources on the Net.

The Vital Energy Home Page also contains a resource list of other subtle-energy-related web sites and organizations. This resource list is located at URL and is updated weekly, so ISSSEEM members should be sure to add this link to their web browser bookmark hotlist and refer to it often. Seraph also offers free web sites to qualified organizations in this field that desire a web presence but do not have the resources to implement their own site. This resource list currently contains over 60 links, including several index servers, electronic online health magazines, web sites on alternative health, online articles, organizations, universities, product offerings, and conference announcements. If you know of other interesting WWW sites, you can e-mail their URLs to so that Seraph can update this resource list. Finally, there are a number of interesting news groups, accessible through usenet, on which there are regular postings on topics related to subtle energies and energy medicine. These groups include alt.consciousness,, alt.paranet.paranormal, alt.paranormal,, alt.psychology, and alt.hypnosis.

So start learning about subtle energies and the World Wide Web by surfing over to ISSSEEM web site. You will be rewarded with months of interesting reading. Don't forget to tell everyone you know to check out the ISSSEEM web site at URL

Douglas J. Matzke, M.S.E.E. (), has been studying information-theoretic aspects of consciousness and subtle energy for over ten years. He recently helped found the Seraph group, and is External Liaison Coordinator for funding, research, publication, and education activities which includes supporting the Seraph group WWW Site.

Jeffrey S. Levin, Ph.D., M.P.H., is Associate Professor of Family and Community Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA. He is Chairman of the Quantitative Methods Working Group of the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine, and is a member of the Board of Directors of ISSSEEM.

This article published with permission from ISSSEEM.

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