Second Annual Advanced Water Sciences Symposium

Membership and Ordering Information
Second Annual Advanced Water Sciences Symposium
October 4 - 6, 1996, Dallas, Texas
Sponsored by a grant from Avani Water Corporation
Sponsored by Institute for Advanced Water Sciences Research
and the Seraph Foundation

Below is the information about the Advanced Water Sciences Symposium (AWS96) held in Dallas, TX, October 4-6, 1996. See the list of schedule of invited speakers. The conference was audio and video taped and the tapes are for sale. A 232 page proceedings contains full papers of talks plus 8 additional papers.

This conference/symposium was hosted by the Institute for Advanced Water Sciences Research. IAWSR is a not for profit membership association dedicated to the promotion of advanced water sciences and the free exchange of ideas that contribute to the advancement of water science. IAWSR and the symposium provide a forum for members and contributing individuals to exchange ideas in the following water related subjects:

Hard Science:
    hydrodynamics, water purification technology, electrolysis, 
    bond angle relationships and energy states,  
    environmental issues, photo chemistry, ionics, ORP, 
    chemistry, oxidative states in water.
    vortex mechanics, magnetic resonance in water, liquid crystal states,
    advanced ozonation, colloidal chemistry, structured water, 
    homeopathic effects in relationship to energized water,
    radio frequency effects on water, energization states in water,
    magnetic field effects on water dynamics and structure, 
    energy systems utilizing water dynamics or structure.
    subtle energy effects in water, consciousness and water, 
    effects of harmonic geometries on water, scalar wave effects on water,
    energization and transformation in the water molecule, memory in water states,
    biological effects of energized and structured water.
Final invited speakers:
    Joseph Bender: keynote speaker "The Stewardship of Water", and also
    Jim Beal, Ron Carson, Dr. Lee Cowden, Prof. Carlton Hazlewood, 
    Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Fred Borden, Prof. Elizabeth Rauscher, 
    Dr. William Rea, Prof. James Roberts, Josef Tyls.

Symposium Sponsored by a grant from:
    Avani Water Corporation
Organizing Sponsors are:
    Institute for Advanced Water Sciences Research(IAWSR)
    Seraph Foundation
    MetaLabs Foundation Trust
    Advanced Environemental Partners 

For membership in IAWSR send $50US to:
    Institute for Advanced Water Sciences Research(IAWSR)
    P.O. Box 1295
    Dallas, Texas 75355-1295
    voice: (972) 682-9162
    fax: (214) 340-7020 
For more information: phone (972) 682-9162.

The Institute for Advanced Water Sciences Research will be setting up it's own Web site in the future.