The Stewardship Of Water

By Joseph Bender

MetaLabs Foundation Trust

The Why Behind Stewardship

There was a time in the history of our species when we lived in the
awareness of our inseparability from all of nature- the mineral
kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and cosmic kingdom. In this
harmonious relationship we freely exchanged energy within each
kingdom.  The proper exchange of energy between natural systems always
creates a surplus of energy not a depletion. This was a time when
man's spiritual nature and scientific pursuits were inseparable and
aligned as a cohesive force for understanding truth. These were times
when rhythms and cycles within man and within nature were ritualized
that they might be fully comprehended. The dynamic rituals and symbols
became an outward expression of inward connection to the all.
Centered around this harmony and sacredness of early man, water was
always the symbol of the life processes. Water exists within almost
every religious system as the pinnacle of expression of this
interconnection with all of life.

Water is the great mediator. We are gathered to understand water's
role as mediator between the energetic and material world, between
that of pure light and that of matter. By having no inherent form of
its own, water embraces the form of everything it comes in contact
with. While laying aside any life of its own- it becomes the carrier
of life and the chief communication channel between life energies. It
functions as accumulator, transmitter and transducer of energies. This
mediator of energetic systems is continually transferring life
processes from one system to another in its helical evolutionary

We lost this understanding of water when our relationship with the
Creator was broken. Our relationship with the creation became
dysfunctional and disharmonious. With the coming of "civilization" (
social ordering outside the family model) men refused to rely on the
internal insight that comes through connecting with the rhythms and
energies of the life cycles around us. Men begin to rely solely on
their ego-based analytical thinking patterns. This reliance on
individualized thinking and judgment has culminated in the current
destructive technological systems.  This techno / scientific community
has produced staunch individuals who refuse to believe anything that
doesn't fit their premeditated paradigms or belief systems. Those
things that conflict with their theories and models are rejected as
anomalies and shuffled under the table as it were. As a result of this
self-reliance we have continued to build technologies and systems that
are energy inefficient. Nature can no longer keep up with these life-
exhausting energy systems and the depletion of our natural
resources. For example, the explosive hydrocarbon based technologies
alone are raping the earth of its oxygen resources at an alarming
rate.  To calculate the O2 consumption rate against the replenishment
by the vastly depleted rain forest is terrifying.  The wonder of
oxygen with its ability to capture and transport non-vectored energies
or feminine quality life force energies, (a subject outside the scope
of this paper) is our single greatest resource. The depletion of
oxygen overshadows all other pollution concerns.  

Man's first disconnection with creation can be traced to the time when
the sacredness of water as a life process was no longer honored nor
the understanding of the mystery of water pursued. The relegation of
water to being merely a chemical compound consisting of two hydrogen
atoms and one oxygen atom (H2O) displays an arrogance and ignorance
within the educated community. As society' moral standards
deteriorated, water was seen as a means of dumping our waste- our
toxins. This departure, this disconnection that can violate nature
through its total disregard for water and see it as the dumping
grounds for its refuse is our current state of affairs.

We come here today as a group of researchers, scientists, and health
practitioners eager to explore the sacredness of water. We've come to
recognize water as more than a simple chemical compound. We come to go
beyond the fact that purification simply needs to remove the physical
pollutants that exist in the water.  We have set a course to explore
and understand this sacred substance given to man as the universal
translator of energetic systems; whose memory is vast, stretching back
to creation and holding in its structure knowledge past finding
out. Many of us have explored the aspects of the electro-magnetic
phenomena from DC ULF pulses to microwave frequencies in the 100
gigahertz range or seen the dance of photons from visible to hard
gamma rays.  Others have experimented with EM vector-stripped
energies. We have all learned that these produce effects in water and
that water has the ability to hold memories through its geometric
structuring.  Those of us who have listened keenly to the wisdom of
water have learn the importance of the density factor as the key to
the proper energetic transmission. We have worked at developing proper
flow forms that allow water to invite life-affirming energies.  

My desire is for us to undertake together so that our role in water
sciences research be not simply understanding these processes with
whatever unique tools and mental abilities we have at our disposal. We
can help each other step forward in opening our souls to the vast
depth and mystery that lies within the structure of water. We must
become scientist/priests. Men who hold the sacredness of water in
their hearts- who are in constant awe at the intricate mysteries that
water has to impart. Indeed if any man here amongst us could fully
understand the interplay of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, we would
become masters of life instead of relegating ourselves and our world
as slaves to decay and death. We can no longer see ourselves as
scientist alone, but truly as priests who stand in awe before the
Maker- wanting to understand this mystery of connection and
communication. The priest's role in society was to bring God (spirit)
to the people and the people to God.  Our role then through our
research, through our publications, through our products is to return
people to a profound awareness that through the vehicle of water there
is the capability of touching all life-affirming energies and
experiencing true homeostasis without the need for complex external

The enemy of our work is that same enemy in the heart of man that
first lost or broke the connection of the sacredness of water and its
name is Pride/Greed. The symposium was birthed out of a desire to
steward a new paradigm of thinking- to find those of like
understanding about the importance of water who would work together as
scientist/priests and communicators for the people. In the last
several years I have mingled with many a researcher in the water
sciences. My heart has been to share my discoveries and research in an
effort to further the knowledge base of the sacredness of water.  I
have found many who were equally ready to open up and share and to
trust in one another's integrity. 

Our intent is not to be robbers of propriety information but in a
mutual give and take to assist one another in research. Some of us
have the luxury of self-funding. Some of us are funded by grants or
private investors who have a monetary interest in our work. We can not
allow ourselves or these people to consign us and our research to an
isolated closet.  Those who seek to make proprietary, to lock up- to
make secret their research so that no one else can benefit, will find
stagnation.  Like water which refuses to stop flowing and if made to
cease will stagnate, so this contained research becomes a putrefying
display of selfishness and/or greed.

Water itself must be our teacher. It must keep its cyclic rhythm if it
is to continue to be vitalized with life-affirming energy. We must
find and share with those of integrity and carry the stewardship of
water. We do not "cast our pearls before swine." And indeed it is an
art to discern the thoughts and intentions of people; to learn when to
open up, when the sacredness of our work can be shared in an
environment of trust, beauty and furtherance of understanding.  

The purpose of The Institute for Advanced Water Sciences Research is
simply to create connecting points for water researchers to meet with
one another- to share with those involved in like projects and
encourage one another. There is too much work for any one of us to
figure it all out alone. Through team effort we can create a change, a
global change. Energies that we currently recognize and those that lie
at the threshold of our awareness are waiting for our spiritual man to
wake up enough to comprehend. If we will say yes together- and commit
to stewarding those energies-then that time of awakening has come.

I have no desire to be read by a dying race of men who 50 years from
now have not learned the lessons we should have learned 50 years
before- to be another largely forgotten researcher like Schauberger.
Instead I would want our children's children to remember that a
revolution in the thinking of the masses began with a team of men who
pioneered a paradigm shift in their own thinking. 

Look through history and you will find many pioneers who understood
the life-giving properties of water, but because of the greed and
pride that separated man, like sand castles on the beach, the tides
cleansed and washed them away. It is only when we learn to unstop the
dam- to flow out and mingle (if I may be permitted some water imagery)
with those that are on the same path, that we create lasting change
and redeem this planet from insanity to the place where it again sees
the sacredness of water and indeed of life. This Institute has but one
purpose- to provide a place where information can flow to those who
need it. We wish to create an environment that will assist you. We are
set up as a non-profit organization.  It is my desire that many of you
out there that steward the sacredness of water- that carry this
scientist/priest vision for water-be participants in the ongoing
development of this symposium.  

The original title for my speech was Water: The Bigger Picture. I
asked that it be changed to The Stewardship of Water which was more
encompassing of the basic thought I wished to convey. Although I am
not able this morning in an opening address to share in as detailed a
manner as I would like on the specifics of my particular area of water
sciences research, I did want to lay down some of the guidelines in
which I carry forward my stewardship of water. If you will allow me
now to step out of the prophet's robe and the necessity I felt of
provoking us in the same direction, I would like to model our new
awareness by being the first to share the basic understandings of
water which guide my research. The model I use is the 5 elements. (see
illustration). The work is always twofold. The first step is creating
a baseline solution. I am defining baseline as a starting point
neutral water- water that has been brought from a negative position to
a zero position if you will. To create this water necessitates the
clearing of physical ions through clearing signatures and noise within
the water matrix.  Secondly, I seek to understand how to revitalize
water and prepare it to invite life-affirming energies.

For the model of water I work with I like to use the kabalistic
understanding of the five elements.  Most older disciplines that
associate their scientific learning with spiritual understanding; i.e.
true alchemy or oriental medical philosophy used the designations of
earth- air- water- fire and spirit as a basis to explain changes of
state within matter.  An "element" in my understanding is not a fixed
substance as in conventional chemistry, but a momentary resting state
in the transition of crystallized energies as these energies manifest
themselves down into gross forms of matter, or as matter releasing its
energy back into the space vacuum. They are simply notes within the
range of harmonies of the music of life.

The 5 elements- creating a baseline water

Earth We will begin with the discussion of the earth elements of water. This deals with the physical constitutes of water- the chemical composition, the total dissolved solids, the suspended solids. In creating a baseline water, filtration for suspended solids down to less than 1 micron absolute is preferable for the pretreatment process. Most subsequent purification processes also eliminate suspended solids, but minute traces have been found on glassware and within spiral wound membranes. The use of carbon as an absorption media is highly recommended and common to most any pretreatment process regardless of what you plan on doing with the water. I cannot overstate the importance of the interplay between carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. The three dance together through all of this planet's life processes. Without these three we have no life- they constitute the base- the core that life revolves around. To experience the full impact of carbon on your final process you need to exceed by a factor of 2 the cubic feet of carbon necessary for total organic removal. Any preoxidation before the carbon also bioenhances the media and extends the service life. Having dealt with pretreatment through proper suspended solid removal and preliminary exposure to carbon, let us examine other methods for purification on a worst to best basis as we attempt to create a baseline water. 1. DI (ionic extraction) has proven to this point to be the worst single method of removing the chemical ions from the water from the standpoint of working towards the later revitalization of the water. This is due to the method of severe pH swing in the process of ion removal. (This is however an effective way of pH correction or hydroxyl realignment through using cation or anion beds separately in a side stream application.) 2. Coming up the scale of quality several steps is distillation - rapid heat distillation. We are assuming the unit provides for proper degassing. 3. The next step up with water purification is using a reverse osmosis process. This is also a very economical process as it relies on water pressure to do the work. Membrane fouling is a constant problem and can rapidly destroy a quality water. If using reverse osmosis, adequate pretreatment and maintenance of your membranes is vital to assure a quality product. 4. The next step up from that point is vapor compression distillation, which uses low heat and a pressure differential to evolve off your vapor and re-condense it. 5. The next step up from vapor compression is triple distillation in glassware. This is the method in use for most homeopathic preparation. Be sure to use flame heat over electrical heating elements- due to the 60 hertz electro-magnetic signature. Whenever a vacuum can be pulled to compensate for high heat, it is always desirable to evaporate water at the lowest possible heat. 6. Fractional distillation which allows for separating out the different components within the water and remixing them in alchemaic fashion is one of the preferred methods for achieving a specific type of baseline water. 7. Exciting new research working with the separation and recombining of monoatomic forms of hydrogen and oxygen is too premature to share. For removal of the earth memories within water we have found that magnetic force is very effective. Through its momentary polarization of the water molecule, magnetization allows the gross signatures of the pollutants to be greatly nullified. If you use fixed field magnetics you are also instilling a memory pattern or its own structuring. Unless that is going to be a part of your final equation, you need to remove that signature downstream using a cancellation frequency. Water Next let us discuss "water" within the element of water. Water energetically responds to every rhythm and/or motion it encounters. The translation of energies takes place within the movements of the water. Even Brownian movement through dipole excitation allows some transfer of energies. If you have not yet intentionally invited directed movement into your water equation, I highly recommend that you begin to study the flow dynamics of water. Clearing water of memory is assisted by a centrifugal action as this creates separation within the water molecule and a devitalization of energies within the structuring of that water. Propelling water molecules towards each other at 90 degree angles loosens negative energy patterns through the shearing that takes place in the collision. Whenever water travels down a pipe and takes a 90 degree turn, the energy within the water continues to follow the forward momentum and there is an energy loss. This can be used to advantage in removing negative energies and creating our baseline water. The element of flow dynamics is essential and key for the work to follow in reimpregnating the water with life-affirming energies. Fire To speak of the element of fire within the element of water seems almost contradictory. Consider though that without fire in the implosion of hydrogen and oxygen, we would not have water. If you see the fire aspect as potential hydrogen, hydrogen is the first manifestation of matter. When energy make that translation into matter we find the presence of hydrogen. Thus hydrogen truly is the father of all manifest life and from hydrogen in its monoatomic state all elements can be transmuted and transferred. Controlling the pH of the water is very important. It is essential to have a pH meter that reads up to 0.0001 resolution. There are many studies in Japan working with oxygen reduction potential looking at a minus voltage signature within the ion configuration of water. Unfortunately, much of this research is being done without removing the chemical and mineral ions from the water. Our research indicates there is much work to be done in understanding the proper relationships within pure water- water void of dissolved solids down to the ppb range. It is here that the hydroxyls, OH, oxygen hydroxyls, and hydrogen peroxides all need to be considered for proper combining to achieve maximum bio-enhancing effects. Most of this manipulation is easily achieved through photochemical orchestration and selective ion removal. It is at this point that the fire energy responds to the emission portion of the EM spectrum. There is some preliminary research that began a few weeks before this seminar that is very exciting. We are now looking at a way to create an ultra-pure, memory free water, void of any background noise. At this point we have been able to produce a few grams of water with an incredibly low surface tension and a hunger like I have never seen within water. As soon as we acquire enough data we will make a presentation to the Institute. There are exciting possibilities for application, especially in the field of superconcentrated homeopathic energy signatures and really in relationship to all signaturing in water. AIR Air deals with the memory constructs carried within the water. In designaturing memory one must realize that a trace signal is almost always left, leaving water with what we call background noise. For example, the hiss and noise left on a magnetic tape after continued signaturing, erasing, and resignaturing the magnetic domains is equivalent to the background noise found in water. Barring the new memory free water that we are currently researching, what we have done in the past is to revitalize the positive signatures in a higher magnitude, being careful to orchestrate the flow dynamics so that the background noise is less intrusive. Phase cancellation of your primary frequencies is another method for designaturing the water although far more difficult to control due to the myriad of possible harmonics. All work must be prefaced by a consideration for unwanted electro-magnetic pollution in the lab or processing environment. So often I see high voltage transformers within a few feet of a critical process - impregnating their 60 hertz fields upon the product. Conductive surfaces need to be properly grounded. Avoid using stainless steel. Earth's magnetic laylines can destroy subtle energy processes. Simply moving processes away from layline junctions eliminates unwanted variables. Shielding the work by constructing a double Faraday cage may be necessary to prevent contamination from electromagnetic fields and physical elements in the lab. The importance of systematic diligent consideration of every influence on the work cannot be overstressed when we are dealing with subtle energies. I have seen many brilliant processes implemented only to be canceled out by inferior material that re-impregnates the water with MEK and all sorts of solvents used in glued PVC and other types of fittings. Each aspect of the process beginning to end must be carefully examined and questioned if we are going to produce waters that bring life. SPIRIT The final element or aspect of water is that of spirit. Spirit deals with the domains of energy that are outside of the time-space continuum - those that do not have a linear wave propagation. We often refer to these as scalar energy, 0 point energy, non-hertzian energy, orgone energy or chi. There are numerous names given to this energy that comes from the space vacuum. ( see illustration.) The play of these Spirit energies has profound impact in structuring water within the cytoplasm. The aim of research here is to find means to collect the already harmonious life-affirming space vacuum energies or eternal energies that are within the domain of spirit. This work must be done in the absence of photons- the visible spectrum of light which has conflicting harmonies that cancel the translation of the eternal energies. The birthing of the geometric structuring of water takes place in a dark womb devoid of visible light where the sensitive chaos gives form to the eternal energies. The structuring forms are critical to success. Here is where geometric configurations and phi ratios both play an important role in the birthing or bringing in of life-affirming energies from the space vacuum into the substance of water. Some photon emissions are beneficial to this process. They must be shorter wavelengths than 120 nanometers. Although establishing resonant points within these wavelengths is difficult to control the persevering researcher will be amply rewarded.
Photon Energy In Electron Volts At The Center Of Each Region Infrared Radiation 0.4 Near -Infrared 1.0 Visible 0.8 Ultraviolet 360 X-ray 4x10**5 Gamma 4x10**8
Imprinting water with life-affirming energies Having purified the water through the understanding of the 5 elements, we are now ready to energize and imprint our water using the same elements. Choreographing the 5 elements for maximum imprinting is indeed a complex dance. To explain in detail within the confines of this paper is not possible as the material is worthy of lengthier exposition. (I am lucky to have finished this small paper!) Instead some brief observations can be made on the basics of imparting positive signatures to the water. Fire Using the proper light- based technologies and oxidation methods we can balance the pH to best benefit the invitation of information. I want to mention here another factor that is not often considered. The famous 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit mentioned in Schauberger's work is the maximum density water holds before its anomalous expansion through freezing. Often we fail to realize that the scissoring and energization state within the dipole movement of the water molecules creates infrared emissions. Many of these frequencies within the IR band have a canceling effect. This is why controlling the temperature in tenths of degrees is a critical function in the energizing of water. It is my belief that the absence of any influencing IR energies during the energizing process is the ideal. Use specific temperature gradients to target IR frequencies that are harmonious with the information you wish to imprint on the water. In temperatures below freezing use pressure to keep water in a fluid state and allow the transfer of information. In many of our experiments the process of crystallization while in the transfer stage does seem to lock in many chords of energy properly. The matter of water density is also an important element in the temperature equation. One must look at density and IR signatures as two separate issues. The seeding of monatomic and diatomic hydrogen and its so called isotopes- deuterium and tritium is another important factor to consider if we are to achieve the true water of life. In any natural water body we find deuterium and tritium ratios much higher than in processed bulk waters. Water Flow forms are critical for not only inviting energies, but in maintaining them. Water always flows in a sinusoidal pattern. This is why a centripetal vortex allows the wave form to maintain and strengthen its integrity. To understand cyclic patterns we must learn from nature. The first flow form we must understand is that of our breath. Until we connect the rhythm, flow, and changes that our breath brings we will not perceive the greater inhaling and exhaling of life's cycles. All things with conscious breath fluctuate and move in patterns and rhythms in accordance to their desired performance. We have forgotten how to maximize our states through the simple tool of breath. A study of a natural waterfall will also give insight into the use of complex wave forms. It is interesting to note that many natural waters with longevity properties do not meet Schauberger's deep spring criteria, but are glacier melt flowing streams with proper density and flow gradients and added colloidal factors. Earth I have always been a proponent of keeping water as pure as possible and if you can take baseline purity down to ppt purity you can bring it back up to less than 1 ppm and still give the proper colloidal and ion content necessary to have a balanced water. I believe that the overloading of waters with high ion content causes the body to interpret water as a food substance and send it through the normal digestive process. Thus the full impact of the energetic signature is lost through the poor assimilation that takes place in the digestive system. Pure waters that have the proper energetic imprint are absorbed through the stomach lining and immediately their frequencies are available for the intercellular communication that takes place in the cytoplasm of the cell. The faster we send the signatures to the cytoplasm, the quicker and more efficient the energy transfer, and the faster the message is communicated on a cellular level. Highly charged colloids- specifically those that can remain in suspension without dissolving back into the water- are definitely one way to do this. The use of energetic gases- especially the noble gases in minute form- also have an incredible impact in signaturing the water and giving back its earth aspect for human consumption. Air As we use frequency to structure water, it is important to realize that the particular frequencies which work well, are simply a resonance that can be found in octaves up or down the electromagnetic spectrum. Our work has shown that using several frequencies to form a chord is far more beneficial than a single frequency. Resonance frequencies can be used singly as carrier frequencies for radionically encoded information. Dimensional saturation is a term we use to describe the process of playing a resonance frequency with its correct subharmonics and harmonics till you have a complete saturation of that resonance. This creates a gate for the eternal energies and an ability to create significant state changes within the material you are working with. Always shield work from induction from any and all canceling fields. Watch out for time distortions! Spirit There are at least 15 ways we have learned to create phase-canceling coils. Each of these coils seem to work with particular energy zones. Stripping frequency of its electromagnetic vectors through a 180 degree out of phase coil will strip the time-space vectors and create eternal energies. By far this is the most important work to be done. Learning to tap the infinite sea of feminine energy that longs to be translated into life-forming energies is our most serious stewardship. Because others will speak on this subject I will only briefly comment. Whether translating or creating these scalar fields one must give total attention to the materials used. For example, 2 copper wires with different ratios of impurities and different plastic insulators would change the outcome. Gold, silver, platinum, titanium, iron, and copper all translate different bands of energy. The noble gases function on this planet is to assist in translating these energies.
Conclusion I have tried to outline the aspects of stewardship that I consider vital in my workings with water. I hope that this will assist you in furthering your work. I desire that my openness and candor will set the stage for the presenters who follow to share more openly during the Symposium their particular area of research. I, like you, will receive some flack for sharing too much of my "secrets", but in fact I must and I will continue to speak the true in love so that together we can start a revolution of change from this present madness. Remember the hundred 100th monkey principal. If we get enough people thinking and drinking this sacred water impregnated with life-affirming energies, man will realize the destructive habits and mechanisms in place now are no longer helpful to their existence. I would like to thank my research team; Norman Wootan, Tony Wood, Joel McClain, and Joseph Tyl. I commend them for their unique contributions to the advancement of the water sciences and their personal friendship and encouraging support. Bibliography DRAGANIC, IVAN G., ZORICA D., "The Radiation Chemistry of Water" Academic Press, 1971 D. EISENBERG AND W. KAUZMANN, "The Structure and Properties of Water." Oxford Univ. Press, 1969 JUNIUS, MANFRED M., "Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy" Inner Traditions International Ltd.- NY, 1985 COATS, CALLUM, "Living Energies" An Exposition of Concepts Related to the Theories of Viktor Schauberger, Gateway Books, Bath, UK, 1996 LAMB, SIR HORACE, M.A., LL.D., Sc.D., F.R.S., "Hydrodynamics" Dover Publications - NY, 1945 CALLAHAN, PHILIP S., "Exploring The Spectrum" Acres U.S.A. Kansas City, MO., 1994 McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1992 CARO, PAUL, "Water", McGraw-Hill, Inc. COOPERATIVE RESEARCH REPORT, "Ozone in Water Treatment" Application and Engineering edited by Langlais, Bruno; Reckhow, David A.; Brink, Deborah R., Lewis Publishers, 1991 "The Holy Bible" New American Standard American Bible Society - NY, 1977 "Kabbala Denudata" Trans. By MATHERS, S.L. MACGREGOR "The Kabbalah Unveiled" Samuel Weiser, Inc. York Beach, Maine 1978